T Is For… Time


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Time is a funny thing.

Whenever I want it to go by quickly it never does (like in school), and whenever I want to relish the time, it seems to fly by (like everything good in life).

I feel like just yesterday I was boarding the plane, and calling everyone in my family to say my last goodbyes. Then eleven hours later I was in a completely different country, with no idea what the next few months would bring me.

Now here I am three months later, feeling completely at home. I have done so much in these past few months. I have met so many great people, who I hope I will still talk to years from now. I have been to Scotland, Whales, Bath, and even London!

Four places that three months ago I never thought I would be able to see.

In so little time I have been able to do so much.

I have done all of these things practically by myself. I have even navigated train stations, and successfully found my way home!

I think this is all a very good accomplishment for a sixteen year old girl. Especially for one that was too shy to even start a conversation with a perfect stranger.

With only five weeks left I am going to appreciate every second that I can of this once in a life time experience.

Time changes everything, but it is all for the best.

“Time has been transformed, and we have changed; it has advanced and set us in motion; it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration.” -Khalil Gibran

Have a great day!


S Is For… The Story of Sue


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For the letter “S” I thought I would enlighten people to who I am. Over the past few months I have gained a fair amount of new readers, who probably do not really know who I am. Other than the girl who writes about crazy, random things. It is hard to really connect with a blogger, because all you do is read what they want you to read. Maybe after reading this, you will understand me a little better.

My parents got a divorce (just like so many other parents these days) when I was in the fifth grade. My parents have been enemies ever since. At this time last year I may have said that I hated them for this, now I am able to accept that this is how it will always be. All the problems that I have been through with my parents divorce has shaped me into the person I am today, I would not change a thing.

Since my parents divorce, each year I have lived somewhere new. It has also become tradition to not have a real home during the summer, this is the time when I stay with my family in Los Angeles and I just live out of my suitcase. For some, moving to a new house and never really having a permanent place may be horrible. For me, this is just how my life is, and you know what? I like it. Every year I live another story, I can’t be bored if my life is always different.

I do not cuss, drink, or smoke. Neither am I tempted to do any of these things. These are morals I have set for myself. People may call me boring, or laugh at me for “not living” but I have watched as drugs and drinking have destroyed people’s lives, and I do not want to go down that same road. I am the girl who has too many plans to waste it on such simple things.

I am the girl who decided life was too short to live an uncomplicated life. I decided that I did not want to do what I was “supposed” to do, doing the same thing as everyone else. So, I made a decision that would change my life. I decided to study abroad. For some people this may not seem like a life changing experience, but for me it was.

I was able to prove to myself that the future is uncertain, and I could make it into anything I wanted.

My family does not have very much money. Never could my parents actually think that my dream of studying abroad would really come true. I saved up my money. Going without the things that a normal teenager would want, like new clothes. I went without simple things because I wanted something much better.

In the end I was not able to save up enough of the money. My dad did everything he could to get this money, even going as far as selling things that meant so much to him.

Some nights I would stay up trying to decide if this was what I really wanted. I was mad at myself for having such a selfish and unrealistic dream.

Then I learned just how amazing people can be. Some people in my family came together to help make my dream come true. With the help of my dad and my family I saw my dream begin to come true.

This all happened about three days before I was to leave for England. In a matter of days I saw my dream crash to the ground, and then I saw it start to rebuild itself from the ashes.

I packed my life into two suitcases and a few short days later I found myself on a plane, soaring high over the clouds. I was finally able to  accept that my dream had come true. I boarded the plane with a smile, and it has not left my face since.

I was on a plane bound for England. I had very little idea of what the next few months would bring me. It did not matter if I had second thoughts, because I was not turning back. Sometimes the best decisions you can make will be the hardest.

I can defiantly say that this was a great decision. I have loved every minute.

I have a crazy life, but doesn’t everyone?

We all have a story to tell, and sometimes we just have to share it with others to make it seem not so crazy.

Now you know who I am.

R Is For… Reading


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I guess I could be classified as a book-worm. I will always have a book that I am reading. I love discovering new worlds, unique, and mysterious lands.

Pretty much I just love to read.

Growing up I never really cared for the tween romance books. Actually I would have rather burn these books, rather than look at them. Let’s just not even go there.

I was more into the Magical Tree House books.      Best. Books. Ever

Last month I joined the library here (yeah I am a nerd),  not only is the library really old and amazing, but it also has a great selection of books. Because of this I have been reading a lot of great books.

As of right now my favorite genre of books would be Dystopian. Yes, I am a huge Hunger Games fan! I am not sure why this genre of books appeals to me. Maybe it is because in a way the stories are relatable, but are also so unrealistic that it is fun to imagine.

Right now I am reading three books. This is probably the most books I have ever read at once. The books are:

Divergent by Veronica Roth. I have read this book now three times, but I had to re-read it because the sequel comes out next month!

Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman, or more commonly known as The Golden Compass. I only just started this book, but so far so good. I never saw the movie, so after reading this book I think I will.

The last book may just become one of my favorite books of all time. This book was recommended by Izabela, when I stayed with her a few weeks ago. It is by a Russian author, so I feel like I am gaining a bit of culture by just reading it!

This book is called:

The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.

At the beginning of the book I was not really sure if I would like it. Although, after about twenty pages I could not stop reading.

Until next time!

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” – Dr. Seuss

Just a little Dr. Seuss quote because Dr. Seuss is amazing!

Have a great day!

Q Is For… Questions

April has been going by so quickly. I think I am finally getting into a routine of posting each day. Today I spent sometime actually writing on postcards that I have been collecting since I have been here. I am hoping to be able to send them this weekend. I also bought some birthday cards for some family back home… Now I just need to send them!

Q was a hard letter for me, all day today I have been trying to think of what I could possibly write for this. Finally I was able to think of something!

I am asked a lot of questions each day by people wanting to know about America. Such as, how school is different from England?, why I decided to study abroad?, do I have a flag outside of my house?, and mostly just the differences between the two countries.

I also get asked to say “yogurt” or “aluminum” A LOT. I get a few other weird ones, but we won’t go there.

I love to answer these questions. I also really like the reactions I get from people when I tell them about certain things. Such as how it actually does rain in California and no it is not always sunny, and about schools in America. Like how we have seven minutes to get to each class, Or how I have seven classes instead of just four like they do here.

Some other questions take more thought. For example, do I like the president? Or my over all views on the government.

I really like answering these questions, but sometimes I have to really think about it before I answer. I like to think that I am representing my home. I also don’t want to create anymore stereotypes, America already has enough.

Have a great day!



P Is For…Pottery!



A few weeks ago I went with Izabela to a pottery class. I vaguely wrote about this, and so I thought I would elaborate more on my amazing experience.

The pottery class was  at a lady’s house, her name was Sue (My name seems to be very popular over here). This lady lives in the most wonderful place ever. Although, I already wrote about this, so moving on.

The pottery class took place in a refurbished barn. This place was like any creative persons dream. I did not get any pictures so you will just have to use your imagination. It was just so cozy, with its old rustic feeling, and all the pottery tools set out. Everyone in the class just seemed to be in a great mood, which just added to the great experience.

Sue is just a wonderful person. She reminds me a lot of a British version of my mother. I know if they were to meet that they would instantly become great friends, because they seemed to have so much in common.

Izabela will forever be known as the person that made me love pottery.

We first grabbed our aprons and got to work. Izabela first had me find a mold that I liked, so I went for a little plate.

I was handed some clay and told to roll it out. This part is where you can get out any frustration you have. You can punch and toss the clay around and not have to worry about hurting anything, unless you deliberately throw it someone…

I quickly found out that rolling out clay is not as easy as it seems. There are many techniques and rules on how to get the clay evenly proportioned. You don’t want to have one area thinner than another because this will be bad when it is later fired.

once you get the clay well proportioned you can move on to the next step. Next  comes the placing of the clay in the mold. This was pretty simple, and did not take much skill. The next step is my favorite. I used a tool called a Kidney. It can help to get rid of any imperfections, and you also can smooth out the clay to help everything be the same thickness. This is my favorite step because I like the feeling of smoothing out the clay and shaping it into what I want.

After the clay was smoothed out and no holes could be seen, I moved onto the decorating portion. For my first plate I used wooden stamps shaped like vines. I made a border around the top, which I thought was pretty. I also made a few other things and started to get a little creative. Izabela showed me how I could add some leaves from Sue’s garden. I also carved in a few of my bowls a sun. Also, on the back of each one I wrote “Made in England”. I thought that this was creative.

Now I just have to wait until I go back to Hugh and Izabela’s at the end of May to see if my pottery survived the firing process. Fingers crossed!

Well, that is all from me for today!

Have a jolly good day!

O Is For…Observing Vs. Living It


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There is a huge difference from seeing something, and actually experiencing it. I wanted to come to England to actually be able to experience what it really is all about. It is hard to actually understand something if you can not experience it first hand. That is why living in a country vs. just visiting it is so different.

If I had just come to stay with family in England I know that I would not have been able to love it as much as I do now.

I have been able to actually experience a different way of living, which not many people can say that they have done. It is easy to go somewhere and just observe just a small portion of the culture.

It is a completely new experience to be able to live it every day. You start to understand it more, and why certain things are the way it is.

You learn things that you could not learn if you just came to a new country on holiday.

When you just observe something, you only get the small outer layer that is so easy to see. When you live it you get to delve farther, discovering new and exciting things each day.

Not everything is black and white. There is always more than meets the eye,  it takes time to start to see the uniqueness of a place.

Have a great day!

N Is For…Never Say Never


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No, I am NOT talking about the Just Bieber song!

I am referring to the actual phrase.

Never say never.

Never say you can’t do something, because you can.

Never say it’s impossible, trust me it’s not (unless you want to be best friends with an alien, which might be a little hard.)

And most importantly: never give up.

I have wanted to study abroad for so long. I remember in elementary school I would tell everyone that I was going to be an exchange student when I was in high school. They laughed at me, and said that I wouldn’t, but who’s laughing now?

The journey getting here was hard. More than once I was actually not going to go, but I never wanted to give up. I never let myself get overly excited about coming here, but it was always in my mind that this is what I had to do.

I just could not see a future where I did not come to England. Because of this I was very determined to make this happen. With this determination I never gave up. not even when all the odds were against me.

I think what makes an experience so much better is when you are so close to losing it. It makes you appreciate it when you have it.

Don’t think your idea, or dream, or anything is impossible. Don’t give up because people tell you that you can’t do it.

I know a lot of people say this, it may seem like all these people have no idea what they are talking about. Some dreams are just too hard, it may seem crazy to even attempt. Right?

Nothing can’t be done.

Some dreams just may take more time, so stick with it and never give up.

In the end it all pays off. All the hard times you went through to get there, all the obstacles you had to get over, that will all be behind you and the rest will just be so simple.

Just trust me on this.

I know.

Have a great day!

M Is For…Music


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Music is a major part in our world, we hear music everywhere. Be it on your iPod, on the radio, television shows, movies, or through the stereos on that car next to you at the stop light.

Whenever I write a blog post, I always have to be listening to a song. Listening to music can really help me think.

I think I get my love for music from my parents. My mom has a strong passion for it. When she listens to music she is instantly pulled into it. When I was younger I would find this really embarrassing, my sister and I would laugh about it. But now I think I understand why she would have so much emotion when listening to a song. It is because music is amazing.

Music was always played in my house when I was growing up. Whenever we had a major house cleaning day, my dad would wake all of us up by turning on country music and would play it extremely loud. I don’t much care for country music, but whenever I hear it I always think about those days.

I always get really excited when I find a new song that I really love. I first listen to it about three time’s non stop, and then I share the joy of the song with my sister.

My favorite part of going on road trips with my sister is listening to each others music. Even though we talk the entire time we are together, it is nice to have some background music to our conversations.

Imagine an entire world without music; it’s a scary thought isn’t it?

Have a great day! And I hope you listen to at least a few songs today!