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I think I can officially say that England is my second home. I have met some great people who I would have not been able to meet if I did not have this amazing experience. I have laughed until I have cried. I have been to places I never thought I would see outside of a picture. I have walked down streets that people long forgotten in history have walked down. I have had an experience that I only had ever dreamt of. I have also met new people and made friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime. Basically, this adventure has been a major success.

I must thank everyone at Study-Abroad-UK, the program that I was with. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is thinking about studying abroad in England. I did extensive research for a few months before deciding on this organization. From my research I found that they are one of most affordable and everyone that is part of this organization is very friendly!

Take the chance of a lifetime, I promise you will not regret it.

Now I would also like to recognize some very great friends that I made while being in England. Each of these people went to my school. Without them my experience in England would not have been half as memorable.

I already miss you all!

Vicky: you have been a great maths partner, and you are a terrific action photographer. I really love my photo album!

Keeley: Thank you for distracting me while in study, it was much-needed. Also, thank you for planning such an amazing surprise party, words can’t describe how special that was to me!

Kirsty: I enjoyed all of your wonderful (and sometimes strange) questions about America; I hope I was able to answer them all.

Fiona: You are such a lovely and innocent person. You also make very delicious cakes!

Grace: Thank you for reading all of my blog posts. I have enjoyed your feedback. Also, thanks to you I now have an addiction with milkshakes.

Emin: You have been a great friend and you were one of the first people who welcomed me at the school. Thank you for also showing me the way to Tesco. I am sad that I had to leave the foreign alliance club.

Jodie: your obsession with Harry Potter is quite amazing; I have enjoyed our lengthy discussions over this topic.

Amy: thank you for the best alien friend ever! And thank you for that wonderful cake, my entire family thinks it is probably the best cake ever!

Rhian: You were very nice and made me laugh a lot. I hope you are able to buy the saddle for your horse very soon!

Kamila: Thank you for sharing all of your food with everyone, especially the polish sweets. Yum! I will also miss your amazing ability to turn anything that anyone says into something very inappropriate.

Joanna: This blog post is mostly dedicated to you! You asked for me to write about you on my blog, and here it is! Consider yourself slightly famous! I have enjoyed our lively debates during chemistry and lunch. Thank you for trying to teach me how to spell and speak correctly, even though I refused to conform. Over all you have been able to make me laugh a lot!

You are all the best!

I have now been back in America for a few days. It is very strange to be back here, it almost seems surreal. So far I have had very little jet lag, I just hope that it stays this way because I have a very busy next few days.

In a few days I will have a reflection post that is more about being home and my overall thoughts on my experience in England.

For now I must go and study for my SAT test on Saturday!

Have a great day!