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Today I went to Stratford-Upon-Avon with my program.

I woke up at 6:10, I let myself sleep an extra ten minutes. I had to catch a train to Wolverhampton at 7:30.

When I got to Wolverhampton I was about fifteen minutes early, so I just hung out, and froze because it was just so cold.

The bus ride to Stratford-Upon-Avon was pretty much uneventful. Marina did not come on this trip, so I didn’t have my talking buddy.

When we got to Stratford-Upon-Avon, we headed straight to the house where Shakespeare was born! It seemed almost surreal to be there.

It was strange to stand in the home of one of the greatest play writers of all time. to know that Shakespeare himself had once been where I was today. I am not a Shakespeare fanatic, but I have read a lot of his plays in school. I have even acted some of them out in my Drama class. So, to be able to see where he lived was pretty great.

The house itself was very nice for its time, and big. We also got to see where Shakespeare lived with his wife Anne Hathaway, which was right next door to his parents house.

After walking through the house I had a special place that I wanted to go to. My friend, Grace told me about a milkshake place called “Moo Moo’s” after she told me about it I knew I had to go. This place was milkshake heaven. It had every chocolate, cookie, and even candy you could think of! I got a Cadbury Crème Egg milkshake. Yum!

It was very delicious. The only seating we could find was outside in the drizzling,  and freezing, cold rain. After about two minutes of holding my cup, I began to not be able to feel my fingers. The loss of feeling in my fingers was worth it because the milkshake was just so good.

Also, as we were drinking our milkshakes, I noticed a rather creepy man dressed up as Shakespeare, and painted completely black. The person was wearing a mask as well, so it was impossible to see his eyes.  You could say that he scared me just a little bit.

After this we walked around the town a little. Not going anywhere in particular. We saw the old globe theater, but we didn’t go inside.  We also stumbled upon some old antique shops, and just a bunch of random little shops. We also found a Christmas store open all year! Whoever had this idea is a genius.

We also found a magic shop.

On the outside was a 9 ¾ sign and a little Hedwig in a cage. The store sold actual ingredients to make potions. They also sold starter kits for the inexperienced witch or wizard, and wands to get you started. The shop owner was a really nice old man.

We then stopped to have some lunch. We were really in the mood for Japanese, although the only Japanese restaurant we could find had been closed. We settled on a little café.

After this we walked down the canals for about an hour.

It was very pretty, and very muddy. Maddie (who is from Colorado) and I would randomly break out in Disney songs, which just made the walk even more exciting. After making it back to the beginning we just sat by the water and walked about everything. Once it got closer to five, we decided that we could go for another milkshake. So, back we went to the beloved Moo Moo’s for milkshakes round two.

They were just as good as I remembered them from that afternoon. This time I got a Toblerone Milkshake. Yum x2!

We then started to walk back towards the bus, with our freezing cold drinks. I once again could not feel my fingers.

We got back on the bus and we were headed home.

Sadly, Cornelius (my travel dinosaur) slept in too late and forgot to hop in my bag before I left. I did not realize this until after I was back on the bus. He is now very mad at me for leaving him behind.

Have a great day!

The wind is so loud right now! Oh how I love the English weather!