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For the past two weeks it has been very windy, and very rainy, almost every day!

I started to think that the stereotype of how it is always raining here, was just a lie. Although, after these past few weeks, I am starting to agree with it.

If you know me, you would know that I may have a slight obsession with the rain. No, I am not severely depressed. I am actually the opposite. Every time it rains I can’t help but smile. I just find that everything is so much prettier when it rains, and so much more exciting.

It also gives me a good excuse to drink hot chocolate.

All my friends in school think I am absolutely mad to be even slightly excited for the rain. While everyone else is groaning as the rain pours down, I am there with an excited smile and wishing it would never stop.

I also enjoy walking to/from school as it rains. Although, I get completely drenched while walking. I make up for it by listening to “singin in the rain”. I must look crazy for walking down the street a little bit too enthusiastically, but I don’t care!

It also has been very windy. I don’t bother trying to fix up my hair in the morning, because the second I step outside the wind does a good job at messing it up.

Last night I thought someone was trying to break in through my window. It was only the wind, which was obnoxiously loud.

Amanda keeps telling me that I am probably the only person in all of  England that is actually happy for this weather. I probably am, but who cares? Not me!

So while everyone back home is in their cute summer clothes, and soaking up the horribly hot California sun. I am here, bundled up in layers of clothes, inside drinking hot tea. appreciating the weather while it lasts. No complaints from me!

By the time I get home it will be the beginning of summer. The moment I step off of that plane, I know I will melt.

Have a great day!