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Every few weeks at my school we have an activity day (I am not really sure what it is really called). On these days each form does something different, such as, changing a car tire, or learning about current affairs.

Today my form was able to go to the Magistrates Court!

It was a great experience.

When we first walked into the court room I immediately said to everyone that it was just like the court room in Harry Potter. There was a glass box in the center of the room that a prisoner would stand in while on trial, pretty intense.

Sadly, there was no one that committed that high of a crime, so no one was able to stand in the glass box of doom.

the room was very old and had benches all around the room. There was also a very pretty skylight

I found it to be fairly interesting anyways. Even though it was nothing like what I have seen on the television.

Each case went fairly quick, and there were no outbursts from anyone.

I must say that I have a lot of respect for lawyers now. They have to sit around all day reciting a speech for each case. I would probably get tired of talking after the first two.

I really did not understand half of what was happening, because one, it was hard to hear the people talking, and two, they used a lot of technical terms. I  still was able to really enjoy it either way.

It was just another exciting experience that I have had here in England!

Have a great day!