April has been going by so quickly. I think I am finally getting into a routine of posting each day. Today I spent sometime actually writing on postcards that I have been collecting since I have been here. I am hoping to be able to send them this weekend. I also bought some birthday cards for some family back home… Now I just need to send them!

Q was a hard letter for me, all day today I have been trying to think of what I could possibly write for this. Finally I was able to think of something!

I am asked a lot of questions each day by people wanting to know about America. Such as, how school is different from England?, why I decided to study abroad?, do I have a flag outside of my house?, and mostly just the differences between the two countries.

I also get asked to say “yogurt” or “aluminum” A LOT. I get a few other weird ones, but we won’t go there.

I love to answer these questions. I also really like the reactions I get from people when I tell them about certain things. Such as how it actually does rain in California and no it is not always sunny, and about schools in America. Like how we have seven minutes to get to each class, Or how I have seven classes instead of just four like they do here.

Some other questions take more thought. For example, do I like the president? Or my over all views on the government.

I really like answering these questions, but sometimes I have to really think about it before I answer. I like to think that I am representing my home. I also don’t want to create anymore stereotypes, America already has enough.

Have a great day!