A few weeks ago I went with Izabela to a pottery class. I vaguely wrote about this, and so I thought I would elaborate more on my amazing experience.

The pottery class was  at a lady’s house, her name was Sue (My name seems to be very popular over here). This lady lives in the most wonderful place ever. Although, I already wrote about this, so moving on.

The pottery class took place in a refurbished barn. This place was like any creative persons dream. I did not get any pictures so you will just have to use your imagination. It was just so cozy, with its old rustic feeling, and all the pottery tools set out. Everyone in the class just seemed to be in a great mood, which just added to the great experience.

Sue is just a wonderful person. She reminds me a lot of a British version of my mother. I know if they were to meet that they would instantly become great friends, because they seemed to have so much in common.

Izabela will forever be known as the person that made me love pottery.

We first grabbed our aprons and got to work. Izabela first had me find a mold that I liked, so I went for a little plate.

I was handed some clay and told to roll it out. This part is where you can get out any frustration you have. You can punch and toss the clay around and not have to worry about hurting anything, unless you deliberately throw it someone…

I quickly found out that rolling out clay is not as easy as it seems. There are many techniques and rules on how to get the clay evenly proportioned. You don’t want to have one area thinner than another because this will be bad when it is later fired.

once you get the clay well proportioned you can move on to the next step. Next  comes the placing of the clay in the mold. This was pretty simple, and did not take much skill. The next step is my favorite. I used a tool called a Kidney. It can help to get rid of any imperfections, and you also can smooth out the clay to help everything be the same thickness. This is my favorite step because I like the feeling of smoothing out the clay and shaping it into what I want.

After the clay was smoothed out and no holes could be seen, I moved onto the decorating portion. For my first plate I used wooden stamps shaped like vines. I made a border around the top, which I thought was pretty. I also made a few other things and started to get a little creative. Izabela showed me how I could add some leaves from Sue’s garden. I also carved in a few of my bowls a sun. Also, on the back of each one I wrote “Made in England”. I thought that this was creative.

Now I just have to wait until I go back to Hugh and Izabela’s at the end of May to see if my pottery survived the firing process. Fingers crossed!

Well, that is all from me for today!

Have a jolly good day!