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I could not decide between writing about letters, and London, so I decided to just write about both!

Since I have been in England have been writing a lot. Now with writing a blog post each day this has tripled. I actually do enjoy writing so this is not too bad for me. Although, I would choose to write my stories on a good old piece of paper, that is why I love writing letters. I love receiving letters, and sending them to people.

I remember when I was little; if I ever did anything wrong, and my mom would put me on time-out. I would write my mom a letter apologizing, and then I would slide it under her door, so that she could find it. Most of the time this worked, and I was able to get off my time-out early.

Since I have been here, I have been writing so many letters to family back home. Most of them I have not sent yet because I am the queen of procrastination, but that is besides the matter.

Also, each place that I have gone to with my program; I have been collecting post cards.Marinalikes to make fun of me for this, but I think that it is a great idea. My plan is to collect them and then send them to people back home. I just need to get around to actually writing something on them, maybe tomorrow?

It is sad that not many people like to write letters anymore. Most people now prefer to use the technology we have now and send an e-mail them or send a virtual e-card. These things are efficient and easy, but nothing beats seeing a letter addressed to you waiting in the mailbox.

So, what do you think, do you like sending letters as well? Or are you more of an e-mailer?

Now onto London.

London may possibly be the best city I have been to. It has everything, its crazy, posh, artistic, and well, it’s just all around wonderful. I don’t think anyone could actually go to London and say that they did not like it. London has a little something for everyone. I feel like I am home when I go there.

You can go to some pretty amazing museums and learn all about our past, and even in some places you can see a glimpse of the future.  If the museums are not your thing, do not worry, there is so much more. There are some of the best monuments here.  Such as Buckingham palace, tower bridge (my favorite), Big Ben (or just Ben), and The London Eye. You can also just go and sit in the various parks if you are too tired to walk around.

If you have any doubts, let me just take them away by telling you that you can actually go to Hogwarts from here! Ok, maybe not, but you can go to Kings Cross, and see platform 9 ¾ which is just as good! Right?

All I know is that I defiantly will be visiting London again numerous times in my life.

I hope you have a great evening!