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I started journaling off and on about two years ago. My Aunt gave me this really cute journal for my 8th grade graduation, but it always just sat in my top drawer. I would always tell myself that I would start to write in it next month, next month became a year. Then one night I was sitting in my room and decided it was now or never. Since then I would write in it at least once a week. Now I am so thankful that I decided to do this. This morning I went back to the first thing I wrote in my journal, and oh how things change!

Some people may find journaling to be pointless, but it’s not. It is so interesting to be able to go back a year, and read about something you may have completely forgotten about.

Before I left to come to England I promised my sister that I would journal all of my experiences. With keeping a blog and a journal it can all become a little tedious, but I know in years to come when my memories slowly lose their vividness. I will be very happy to go back and read about it.

So, if you don’t keep a journal, I am here to encourage you to do so. At least try it, it couldn’t hurt. Even if nothing exciting is happening, that actually is more fun to write about than the big things in your life.

The best part of journaling for me is that it feels like I am writing a story of my life, that no one else knows about. Even though my sister ALWAYS asks to read it! Sorry Katie the only way you will read it is if you somehow outlive me!

Hey, maybe one day my journal will be discovered and be placed in a museum along with other old artifacts. (There goes for wishful thinking).

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pen, and paper, and let the story telling begin!

Have a great day!