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Where did I leave off? Oh yes, so now on to Wednesday!

On Wednesday, Izabela was asked to play the organ in an easter church service. I also just did a post on this with the letter “D”. So, go check it out if you have not already read it.

Now here is a picture of  inside the church:

On Thursday, we were supposed to go to London for the day, but Izabela was ill. Our plans were moved back until Friday, but Hugh decided we could still go to Oxford for the day.

After breakfast we left for Oxford. Just like on Saturday, it was very hard to find parking, but we eventually were lucky and found a parking spot near to where we wanted to go.  We first went to the Ashmolean Museum


This museum had everything from old Japanese art, to ancient roman statues. This museum is the first university museum, and the first building was constructed in 1678. the thing that I like about museums, I that most of the artifacts in them are just really old objects. Keys to our past that are locked behind glass, and people go there to just look at them. the plates, and pots that we see are just really old but ordinary objects that were used in everyday life. The people who used them, and left them behind probably never even thought about what would happen to them in years to come. Just think about how possibly something of yours could end up in a museum, and other people will stand around and wonder about its past.

After the museum we walked down the street to a little pub called the Eagle and Child. this pub is famous because C.S Lewis and J.R.R Tolkein were part of a writing group that used to hang out there.


Our next destination was to see a part of the Oxford University.


All I have to say is, Wow! This place is amazing! It’s old, historic, and is all around wonderful. I would just want to go there to be able to go to school in such an amazing place. It was very much like Harry Potter.

We also just walked around Oxford for awhile, seeing nothing in particular. Everything about this town is amazing.



The next day we went to London!

We left the house at about eleven, and drove to Redding where we were going to catch a train into London.

when we got into the London station we went on the tube (my first time, it was very exciting) and we got off near the Portobello market. This is one of the most famous markets in the world. It had everything from antiques to cute clothes. There were also a lot of antique cameras, I really wanted one, but it would just be another heavy thing to bring home with me (next time I need to pack lighter, I have learned my lesson). Katie one day you are coming with me here, you would love it! The market goes on forever, and there were a lot of people everywhere.

After having a short break at a coffee shop we caught a bus that dropped us off near Hyde Park. I was really hoping to see some people at Speaker’s Corner, because I missed it last time, but once again there was no one giving a speech. Let this be a warning to ANYONE who wants to go to Speaker’s Corner, apparently the only day that something is actually happening there is on Sundays. Oh well, this just means I need to go back one day.

We sat down in a nice little sunny spot, because we were waiting for some of Hugh’s friends to meet up with us. After about half an hour they met up with us and we started walking towards Harrods. I was really looking forward to going here because I have a lot about this place.



This place is so amazing! It is like a shopper’s paradise/ anyone’s dream. Each room has a different theme, like one room was an ancient Egyptian theme. There was also a sweet shop, which would make any kid smile.


Just amazing.

After this we had some lunch, and then we got back on the tube, and headed over to the Covent Gardens. This was another famous shopping area. There were so many shops, and so many people. At one point we found a cheese shop and went inside, it smelled horrible. I won’t even give a description just to save you from the horror, you’re welcome. But the cheese was so amazing! There was any cheese you could ever think of! (OK maybe not, but there was a lot).

We also went inside what I would say was the most amazing Apple store ever!



There was a glass ceiling and, well, it was just cool.

We also found all of the eggs!



The egg hunt was over, and all the eggs were moved to this location. There were some pretty amazing eggs.

At this point Hugh was not feeling to well and decided we should probably start heading towards home. But first we had a few more places we needed to see.

First place was, Tower Bridge!


This would have to be my favorite place in London. I do not know why exactly, but I just find it to be so wonderful.


We then got back onto the tube, and well, I am sure you can all guess where we went next.


It was Kings Cross of course!


To Hogwarts we go!

My visit to London was happily accomplished. I was able to see everything that I wanted to see, and more.

We caught the first train home, and I must say that this may have been one of the best days of my life.

The next day Hugh was really sick so we just stayed home. That night we watched the first two Star Wars movies (are you happy now Allie?).

The next day was Sunday and I had to catch an early train home. later that night my host family and I went out for an Easter dinner. Yum!

I think I should start writing these posts earlier because it is now one o’clock in the morning. Good thing I don’t have school tomorrow.

Until next time!