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Last week was a very busy week. My host family went to Turkey on holiday, so I went to stay with Hugh and Izabela; they are family friends that live in England.

Let’s just rewind to last Friday, when all my adventures began.

On Friday, I went with Jean after to school to Birmingham, because we just had to see the Hunger Games! This was the last time I would see Jean for a while because she leaves to go back to Australia tomorrow. We had so much fun together, and we just could not stop laughing the entire trip. Especially before the movie began. After the movie we went to have our last Chai Latte together at Cafe Nero. We talked about The Hunger Games, well I mostly just obsessed over it. Then we started planning when I would come visit her in Australia!

In these few short months I was able to make a great friendship with a person that I would have never met if I did not embark on this adventure. Sure we live on opposite sides of the world, but thanks to modern technology, keeping in touch should be no problem! and this is a friendship that no distance could ruin.

The next day I arrived at the Oxford train station at eight o’clock, and Hugh, Izabela, and their friend picked me up. They told me that we were going to the Oxford Castle for dinner. It took awhile to find parking near it, but after fifteen minutes we found a spot.

The Oxford Castle used to be a prison many years ago, but it was refurbished and most of the prison rooms have been converted into hotel rooms, and parts of it are now restaurants. The restaurant that we were going to was very crowded, so we had to wait an hour, and decided to go up to the bar inside the hotel. It was very pretty, and there was live music. It was a boy and a girl and they were really great!

When we were done we walked back to the restaurant and had a great dinner. It was Italian food and I had a pizza, Yum! After dinner we walked back to the hotel, because Hugh knew of a place where we could actually see one of the old prison rooms. It was very tiny.

I am sure that the hotel is haunted, and I would be too scared to stay the night there.

It reminds me of the Titanic for some reason...

Hugh and Izabela had moved into a new house since the last time I stayed with them in January, so I was given a full tour of their beautiful home. It’s a perfect mixed between old and modern.

The next day it was very nice outside so I sat in the back garden and read a book, and enjoyed the sun while it lasted. We also went on a walk around the town, and down by the river that went through it. At one point a long time ago, there used to be a castle that made up the center of town. Now, after many years, there are only a few bits of the walls still standing, which make for a very pretty area to walk through.

Very pretty.

Later in the day we had a great lunch outside that Izabela made. It consisted of fresh salad, an amazingly tasty soup, and homemade bread!

On Monday, we went shopping in Redding for a while. It is very hard to see so many cute clothes, but knowing I can’t buy anything, because I would have no room in my suitcase to bring it back! In the afternoon Izabela took me to Hanley where I walked along the River Thames, while she went to a rehearsal at a church, where she was going to play the organ on Wednesday.

After about an hour and a half, she picked me up and we went to…

A pottery class!

I have always wanted to do pottery, but I just have never had the time to actually sign up for a class. So my dream has officially come true! And, well, now I think I may be addicted. The people in Izabela’s pottery class are so nice and everyone has their own little story. Now not to mention how amazing the place was that I took this pottery class. The pottery class is at a woman’s house who’s name is also Susanne. Did I say house? I actually meant paradise. This place was just amazing. She had so much property and every inch was beautiful. Susanne is a gardener so there were plants, trees, and flowers everywhere. I could just imagine my mom there; this would be heaven for her. The pottery class was actually inside a barn that was converted into a pottery workshop. This place could easily make it on the most amazing places I have been.

We finished out pottery class at very late at night, so when we got home we just had dinner and then went to bed.

On Tuesday, we went Clumping. I already did a post about this. So instead here are a few pictures:

The view from the top of the hill was so pretty!

And the church at the bottom of the hill

Well that is it for today. Come back tomorrow to hear all about the exciting adventures I had in Oxford, and London with Hugh and Izabela, and how I think I am immune to any disease!

Until next time!