This week has been crazy busy. So, my posts have been fairly short, and I can already tell you that writing a post each day is pretty hard.


F is for family. It may seem very clichè for me to say that I would not be who I am today without my family, but it is the truth! I seriously owe them all for helping me live my dreams.

My parents are amazing for actually letting me come to England. When I told my parents I wanted to study abroad they were completely fine with it, and never doubted that I would not go. Now that I think about it, my parents should have been more concerned with me leaving the country for Five months, oh well!

My lovely sister Katie, she is the best sister I could ever wish for! She understands me so well. Whenever I feel slightly homesick, I know I can just tell her and she will just talk me out of it. life is a crazy thing, but I know, no matter how insane it gets, Katie and I will always be very close.

The rest of my family is just fantastic. Every single person has a special trait to them that makes being a part of the family so exciting. I mostly have to thank my Aunt Jan and my cousin Rebecca, because without them   I would not be having this great once in a lifetime experience.

So thank you all for being such a great family.

Have a great day!