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Experiences make life, well life. We have bad ones, and good ones. Although, each experience is what makes us, us. No one has the same experiences and that’s what makes it so great. We all see life through different eyes, and so we get different perspectives on it.

My experience in England has been just great. Before I came here I was pretty independent, but now I am more than that, I am my own person. I influence myself.

I was so close to not even coming to England. I can’t even imagine my life if I did not come here. But, as a great person once told me: everything happens for a reason. The experiences I have had here will last with me for the rest of my life. I do not want to forget a second of this.

Yes, some days are bad. When I start thinking about home too much. I just always have to remind myself that being here is not at all bad, and I will be home in just a few months, now just a few weeks.

I love experiencing new and exciting things. Life would be so boring without it.

Todays post is short, I am VERY tired, I went to Oxford today and now I just want to sleep!

Tomorrow I am really going to London! We were supposed to go today, but Izabela was sick, and it was pretty cold and rainy.  Tomorrow should be better.

Have a great day!