Spring is in the air here in England, the sun is shining ( yes the sun does shine here!), the grass is green, and the flowers are in full bloom. My favourite part of spring is seeing the flowers bloom. One day everything appears to be so plain and simple, the next it is painted in beautiful blossoming flowers. Being in England in spring is just fantastic, and so lovely!

Tonight I went with Hugh and Izabela to a little church for an evening service. Izabela plays the organ at this church once in a while, so I went along with them. The church was amazingly beautiful! It was very old and historic. The church was located just outside a small village and was the perfect little church. Outside the church were various patches of daffodils, and it just made this church even more special.

Inside the church was just as amazing. Little tea candles were lit, and placed around the church and in the little pews. One man showed me an arch In the back of the church that could be a Thousand years old! I took some lovely pictures and will add them to a post when I am able to upload my pictures.

I am not very religious but I just love church services. I mostly love when everyone sings, even though I don’t sing, I just like to listen.  The stain glass windows reflected the last rays of sun into the church and was just wonderful. As the sun set, the little church got darker, and soon the only light was from the candles. The candles set the shadows of the people dancing on the walls. At One point I looked out through the window and saw a patch of daffodils, just as it started to rain. At that moment I was just so happy for where I was, and what I had accomplished to get there.

Everything happens for a reason, and at this point I could not be happier.

Have a great day! It is midnight here, and tomorrow I have to get up early because we are going to London!