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I have decided to do a challenge called the “Blogging from A to Z Challenge in April”.  The challenge is to write a short blog post each day, except on Sunday’s, and each post will be based on that days letter! So, obviously I missed the first two days which were A and B, so today I will start with the letter C!

So the word of the day is….


You may be sitting there thinking I am crazy, because why would I choose to write a blog post about clumping!?

Let me just start from the beginning.

On Sunday I came to stay with some close family friends that live near Oxford! Because my host family went to Turkey for the week. Tomorrow I will have a more detailed blog post for what I have been doing here, it has been very exciting!


Today was another nice day here in England, so Hugh and Izabela ( the people I am staying with) thought it would be nice to go on a little hike to this place called the “clumps” before the rain came in.

The clumps are a place near where they live which has cattle and sheep grazing and there are various hills that you can hike up. Why is it called the clumps? Well, no one actually knows. The hike was so pretty, and the hill was very green and beautiful. There were a few people hiking the hill and they were very nice. Hiking the hill was very exciting because I have not seen many hills here in England. It was much like the hill that I hiked while in Wales.

When we got to the top the view was phenomenal! We could see for miles in every direction. There was a nice breeze and big dark clouds could be seen rolling in from the distance. I saw some cattle grazing in the grass below, and sheep sprawled out everywhere. This is a memory I will keep with me forever.

I took some pictures but I am writing this post on an iPad (which is extremely hard) and I have no way of uploading pictures.

After a while we trekked down the hill, and went to a little church at the bottom. It was very tiny, but also had so much history to it.

Now as I am writing this post, I am drinking some lovely peppermint tea, eating some Polish caramel fudge, and listening to the rain outside.Defiantly a great night for such a wonderful day.

Have a great night! And hopefully you will be back tomorrow for the letter D!