I have been meaning to post this for a while, but I enjoy procrastinating. On Sunday we had day-light savings time and the last few nights I have not been able to fall asleep until about one! So I have been fairly tired, but I think I may be getting back on track. Ugh, I really dislike time change!


On Saturday I went to….London!

London is so amazing! And now I feel like I am officially in England.

Saturday was another early morning, but it was worth waking up at 5:20 in the morning! I walked to the train station to catch a train to Wolverhampton. After doing this so much now I just feel like it is so simple. I remember in January when I went to Bath, and when I got to the Birmingham train station I was scared, and really had no idea where to go. Now I can go from one train to the next with no problems at all!

I got to Wolverhampton about a half-an-hour early so I talked to a few people who were in my programme. Then I got on the bus, and well, I pretty much just talked to Marina and Jean the entire drive to London, which was nice because it really helped pass the three hours that we were on the bus.

Then, we finally made it to London! The bus dropped us off right next to Trafalgar square.

It was really crowded, and most of the tour groups were American. It was strange hearing so many American accents together in one place. After we were all told the place and time we had to meet back up together, we were set free to see the city. We wasted no time. After walking around Trafalgar square for a little bit-sadly not getting to take a picture with the lions because it was very crowded we headed in the direction of Big Ben. The streets were very crowded and it really reminded me of being in Los Angeles, and how anywhere you looked something was happening.

My expectations for actually seeing Big Ben was very high. I have seen many pictures of the famous clock tower and I have always imagined actually seeing it one day. I imagined it would be very tall, and just like how it was in Peter Pan.  Instead, it was actually quite small. So Jean, Marina, and I have dubbed Big Ben the nickname of immature Ben, or just Ben.


After taking a decent number of pictures of Ben, we headed off to see the London Eye. On our way we crossed over the Westminster Bridge, where there were a lot of street gamblers. The game seemed pretty simple, and the people got really into it. At one point one of the guys tried to get me to play, but I am no fool.

The bridge also gave a wonderful view of the London Eye!

Seeing the London Eye and the Thames River was ten times better than how I have imagined it. Except, the Thames River was very dirty, and sadly I saw a lot of trash floating around in it. We walked over to the London Eye and just like everything else it was very crowded.

There were also a lot of street performers near the Eye, we stopped and watched them for a little bit, then were on our way. To get back to the other side of the river we walked over the Jubilee Bridge

I liked this bridge a lot more because there were no crazy people gambling.

When we got to the other side at the bottom of the bridge was a row of bikes.

you could actually rent these bikes , and ride them around London. I thought this was a really smart idea and very convenient. Our next destination was Westminster Abbey,  it was so pretty!

After walking around outside of it for a while, we decided to make our way towards Buckingham Palace. To get there we had to walk through Green Park. This was a lovely park and there were a lot of flowers blooming. Many people were lying down and soaking up the sun, because it was actually very warm that day. While walking around I noticed large eggs that were placed on pedestals scattered around the park. It turns out that it was part the Faberge egg hunt. Basically, 200 eggs have been placed around London and you are supposed to find them all. We found about 20 of them, I don’t think we won.

Buckingham Palace was amazing! It was better than what I have seen in pictures. The fence around the palace was very pretty, and the guards that stood outside were just as lifeless as in pictures.

I was a little disappointed because I think the Queen forgot that we were supposed to have tea together, but I forgive her because I know how busy she is. Next time I won’t let her get away with it as easily.

The street near Buckingham Palace was closed off because on Friday there was a race for sports relief, so of course I walked down it!

We walked around Green Park for a little bit and ate our lunch. We had about an hour until we had to meet back up with our programme at the marble arch so we decided to head in that direction. To get there we had to walk through Hyde Park.Hyde Parkwas lovely and had a lot of trees everywhere.

Many people were running, or riding bikes, and it was just a nice relaxing end to my trip to London. Marina, Jean, and I were laughing over pretty much everything, and were probably a nuisance to all the people who were trying to have a peaceful time in the park. At one point we had a very intellectual argument about the Hunger Games movie. I argued that the movie would be fantastic; Marina thought the movie was going to be horrible. We got way to into this conversation and I realized later how crazy we must have appeared to other people who may have been listening to our conversation. At one point we stopped because Jean wanted to take a picture of a squirrel that seemed to be pretty friendly. Marina and I were minding our own business just talking and waiting for Jean, when all of a sudden the squirrel actually charged at us! This squirrel had the intent of murder! (I may be exaggerating just a wee bit). We quickly left that area.

When we got to the Marble Arch we had about ten minutes before we had to leave so we went into the underground to check it out. Next time I go to London I really want to actually go on the tube.

We had to walk a few minutes to our bus, but by this time my feet were throbbing in pain from walking around for five straight hours. I was very thankful to be able to sit down, but I was not ready to leave London. For half the bus ride home I slept, then the other half I talked to Marina. We had a very educational discussion about Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, and how she has a deathly fear of crickets. I had so much energy I was bouncing around in my seat. It was just another day here in England!

We got back to Wolverhampton at a fairly decent hour and I caught the first train home. I am much more relaxed on the trains now, and not as nervous as I once was.

On Sunday Natalie and I went to see The Hunger Games movie, and now I feel as though my life is officially complete.Marina was wrong and the movie was fantastic! I will most defiantly see it more than once, probably again this Friday with Jean.

Have a great night/day! I have some homework to do, blah!