Why hello there!

I hope your Sunday is just as relaxing and pleasant as mine, and a very happy UK mother’s day!

Not much has really happened in the past few weeks. Which I would say is actually good, because it means that I am settling into this life and not much really surprises me anyone. The other day I was actually thinking about when I first got to England and how, well for lack of a better word, clueless I was. I can say that I came to England with very little knowledge of who I was as a person. before I came here I was just living my life, going with the flow as many people say. Now I can defiantly say that I am not following the same boring line. Instead, I left that line, and now I am living the life that I have only dreamed of living and my life will be amazing because of this one experience.

So now onto the more exciting part of this story. Ok, that was a lie.

But, I am going to talk about school, and how I find it different from America. I have been asked by many teachers, students, and people from back home, about how I find the schooling here vs. schooling back home.

The most basic thing I have noticed is that the class sizes are a lot smaller. I think my biggest class has about seven kids, compared to classes in America that can have up to 20 kids, possibly more. I actually really like smaller class sizes because I feel the teacher can cope with the students more. Although, the draw back is that it seems like you always have to answer questions.

Another major difference is the exams. Oh the exams! In America at the end of a semester I would take a final exam for each of my classes. Kids tend to really freak out over this, and after being here, let me just tell you that I will never say I hate finals again! The final exams in America are created, and graded by your teacher (the kids here think that this is crazy, because the teachers could just grade us the way they want to, which is unfair). Well, it is the complete opposite over here! The exams here are created by a “higher power” and the teachers don’t even know what will be on these exams. The teachers are told what they need to teach and they must teach it. For example, in my maths class my teachers are always worried that we won’t have enough time to get to everything that we need to learn. So, there are no days of slacking off, and watching movies in class, in your dreams!

As you can see school is very different here, which can just be added to that very long list of differences.

I also received a box in the mail this week from America! I was so excited when I saw it sitting on my bed when I got home from school. Inside were a few little presents, which was very lovely. And food! Such as: Twinkies, goldfish crackers, nerds, and macaroni and cheese in a box!

Thank you very much: Aunt Jan, Rebecca, Aunt Sharon, and mom for the food ideas.

Until next time!

I am now going to Skype my sister. I hope you have a great day!