It’s already March!? How is this possible? My time here is just flying by! I feel like just yesterday I was freaking out over what I should pack and what I could live without for five months. Now it’s already march and everyday gets me closer to going home!

Now enough with all that sad news! And on to the big story!

Last weekend I went to Wales with my program which was so much fun! We stopped at horseshoe pass, Llangollen, and Shrewsbury.

Just like every trip I go on, I once again had to wake up before the sun came up. I went to bed at about ten and I woke up at five-thirty. Just thinking about that makes me tired. I met my friend Jean at the train station where we caught the first train that morning. It was  very nice to have Jean with me because it made the train ride much more exciting, even though we both were about to fall asleep. We were a little nervous when we got to Wolverhampton because we were a few minutes late and we could not find anyone else that was also in the program, but after a few minutes we found Marina and Josef so we were a bit relieved. We got on the bus and I almost instantly fell asleep. Yes, mornings just are not my thing I guess.

The bus ride was pretty uneventful and Jean and I both listened to Celtic Women. I can’t believe I found someone else that likes them as well!

Our first stop was at horseshoe pass.Horseshoe Pass was really beautiful, and according to Wikipedia is called this because the road travels around the mountain in a horseshoe way, how exciting! While here we had a traditional cream tea (this is tea, with a scone with cream on it). Then afterwards Marina, Josef, Jean, and I decided to hike (or in Josef’s case run) up one of the hills. And I think we only had about thirty minutes until we had to be back on the bus.

So off we went!


To the top!


Even though the hike was very treacherous with all of the slippery mud, and I was wearing very improper shoes for this adventure, it was all worth it once we got to the top.


It was just so pretty

Then we noticed that we only had seven minutes until we had to be back at the bus so we started back down the hill. Josef left us and took off sprinting down the hill, but we soon picked up our pace as well. Well, Jean and I did,Marina stayed back to smoke. We all got back to the bus just as everyone was getting on the bus, so I would say it was perfect timing. Then we were all on our way down the mountain, which was also very pretty.

Our next stop was Llangollen. An interesting fact, the bridge in Llangollen was built in 1345! We walked around and I took a lot of pictures as usual.



The river that ran through the town was so pretty, and reminded me very much of the river that runs through Yosemite.

After about an hour of walking around we got back on the bus and were on our way to Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury was very similar to Bath. What I mean by this is that it is a very popular place and it mostly has stores and tourists shops. So, we tried finding places that was not so crowded. While walking I found a salon that was advertising free haircuts. Not wanting to pass up a good offer I went in to see if I could get my hair trimmed. It turns out it was a new intern that needed the practice; unfortunately she was too busy that day.

We also found a beautiful church; this church may just be one of the prettiest places I have been to.

The outside of the church was pretty boring, but once you stepped inside, you never wanted to leave.

Shrewsbury is also where Charles Darwin was born, so we went to the Darwin library. Outside the library was a statue of the great man himself.



After being in the library for a while we went to have some tea. The café that we went to had a lot of games, so we stayed there for the rest of the time and played a lot of different and fun card games. After about an hour of that we got on the bus to go home.

When we got back to Wolverhampton Marina, Josef, Jean, and I went to have Indian food. I only had rice because I was not too hungry, but I know I will be going back there sometime because all the food looked so good. Jean and I said goodbye to Marina, and to Josef. And sadly, Josef went back home today.

It was nice having Jean with me on the way back, because I was actually able to talk to someone for the long train ride home.

I got home that night and got changed into my pajamas and then I went to sleep, and I slept in on Sunday for a very long time.

Now I am going to make cupcakes with Natalie, Yum!

Have a great night/day!