I have now been in England for about six weeks! Some days seem like they are just flying by! And others seem like they are dragging on. Yesterday was a great example of a day that just would not end, and today was a day that went by in a blur.

Before I came here I read A LOT of blogs, from other kids who were also on exchange programs in various other countries. And one thing I noticed that these kids did not write about was missing home, or well pretty much the truth of what this all is. Being an exchange student is a roller coaster of emotions. One day everything can be great, then the next you start to miss home, then the next day you just don’t know if you are happy or really sad so you just block your emotions and go with the flow of it all. When I do have sad days I just think how this is literally a once in a lifetime experience and when I look back on it, I wont want to think about how sad I was the whole time.

            Some things may catch you off guard, like different customs than what you are used to from home. When you first start out, nothing, and I mean nothing is what you are used to. For example: if you are trying to find certain foods in the supermarket it may be hard because you don’t know where anything is, then when you actually find it, the brand may not be the same from what you know of back home. It may upset you, but you just have to accept that nothing is the same.

            Just don’t give up!

            I would not be human if I said that I was never home sick. For some people being an exchange student does not mean much. But oh how it does! You discover who you really are, and this is one of the biggest tests of being you. You have to make your own decisions. So far I have become stronger, less self-conscious, smarter, independent, and well just so much more! And that’s all in only a few weeks! I can hop on a train and find my way around pretty well. Unlike before I came here, when I would get on a train by myself I would panic because I just had no idea what to do.

            Then there is the fact of missing what is going on at home. Life doesn’t stop just because you decide to leave it all behind. Your family has a life as well, and they have to continue on while you are away. This is something I remind myself all the time. My family may be doing something and I wish I was there, but I remember I am across the pond and that’s that. They will all be there when I get home.

            Whenever I am down, I just think about how amazing it is that I am actually here. I mean a year ago I was only dreaming of this and well, now here I am! Not many kids have the privilege of doing this, and I am just so thankful for this great opportunity at living my life.

But don’t worry it’s not all bad; because for me I have had more happy and wonderful days than I have had depressing ones. For once I am not living my life in the future, wishing for something else, I am living it in the present and savoring every minute of it.

On a brighter note, today was very sunny and extremely warm! I think today was the first day that I have actually been hot and I was able to take off my jacket.

Also, I got a library card so I have decided to start reading some classic books. That is after I re-read The Hunger Games because the movie does come out next month! Eep!

And finally, I am going to Wales on Saturday with my programme which I know will be a lot of fun.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!