I have now been in England for a whole three weeks! And to celebrate this great accomplishment I have made a list of differences that I have observed while being in England. I am sure I have missed a lot but I will keep adding to it when I notice them.


  •  If you are American just delete the word of “pants” from your vocabulary before Going to England. Because, here it means your underwear and if you are with a group of people and accidentally start talking about your pants…well it can lead to a very humiliating incident.
  • Driving takes a lot of skill here. Instead of stop lights many intersections have roundabouts and OMG these are very scary!
  • In six form (high school) it is common for a person to only take three to four classes. For Americans this may not seem like much but you are able to learn so much more in the subjects you are taking instead of taking seven classes and only being in them once a day for only about an hour.
  • Macaroni and cheese is usually put on toast.
  • Macaroni and cheese is in a can, not a box, a can
  • There is a show called Coronation Street and everyone is obsessed with it! It is on Mondays, Thursdays, and possibly Friday or Saturday. On these nights it’s on at about 7: 30 for a half our and then its on again at about 8:00
  • I say “about” 7:30 and 8:00 because shows run at odd times like 5: 45 and never at the hour or half past.
  • Stereotype: English food is very bland. Truth: from what I have had so far in being here English food is not that bad. Yes most English food is very mysterious and it is hard to identify what type of meat you are eating or if it even is meat. Aside from that I think it is great!
  • J-walking. People just cross the street, whenever, and wherever. To get to school I have to cross three streets, and me being an American especially from California where it is almost a sin to J-walk, crossing those three streets is a nightmare! 
  • Rubbish bin (not trash can)
  • Dinner= lunch, lunch= tea
  • Sweat pants are trackies
  • In my chemistry class I actually get to do experiments and almost everyday. It really helps me understand what we are learning in class.
  • Smoking is very popular! The smoking age here is still 18 but not many people really care.
  • Kids can say bad words in class and most teachers really don’t care, even the teachers say bad words and it’s not a big deal for anyone.
  • There are a lot of quaint shops everywhere. Such as, sweet shops and little craft stores where you can buy really cute gifts that are not really expensive. This I found really cool because, in America if you want to find anything homemade you can expect not to find anything close to being affordable.
  • Students are really responsible when it comes to school work. Outside of the classroom they are all crazy and pretty immature, but once in class they are very serious.
  • Notes and homework are very organized. If ever a line needs to be drawn to make a chart or even to underline the date a ruler must be used!
  • Random holidays like we have in America just do not happen here. In a few weeks I get a week off for half term. Then for Easter we get two weeks off, and a few Mondays for bank holidays. That is all the holidays we get. Oh and the summer vacation here is only about 5 weeks I think.
  • Most cars are stick shift and when at a light instead of just putting your foot on the brake most people just put the e-brake on.
  • If there is traffic or road construction or anything that a car has to wait at for more than three minutes it is common for people to just turn off the car.
  • That is probably because petrol (gas) is really expensive, they pay like 5x more than what we pay in America. So Americans quit your complaining!
  • Homes are very tiny, but the newer homes are very tall, such as the one I live in which has three stories
  • New homes do not have fireplaces, instead they have fake fires that can be turned on by a switch
  • Speaking of switches, they are different here. They are flat. Also the plugs on the walls all have switches and they have to be turned on for the plug to work
  • In cooking instead of having measuring cups they have measuring bowls that is placed on scales and everything is weighed.
  • To live “far away” here means someone lives about an hour to two hours away.
  • The movie theater is called the cinema or the pictures
  • Tea, oh sweet, sweet tea! I love the British tea!
  •  The water is a lot smoother here, and it is normal to just drink it from the faucet.
  • English homes tend to be very cold, and the blankets on the bed are very heavy so you usually get too hot while you are sleeping. Also my pillow probably weighs like five pounds, and I have no idea why it is so heavy.

That is all for now!

Have a great day!