I have officially been in England for two weeks! In some ways I feel like this is going so quickly, but when I think of all that I have done in two weeks I feel like it has been months rather than only a few weeks. I am now settling in to my home and I am starting to be able to find my way around my school and town. I still occasionally get very lost but the people are nice enough to help point me in the right direction.

My school is very tiny and I mean extremely tiny, the longest it takes me to get to my class is a minute.  My high school in America was tiny compared to others but all my classes were really spread out so this is great! (Especially when it is raining outside because all my classes are in the same building). On my first day of school everyone in my year knew who I was which was really exciting. I am in sixth foarm or year 12. The school here is very different from what I am used to in America. In the morning, at break, lunch, and pretty much anytime you do not have class or a free the six form students will usually be found in the common room. This is a room especially for the year 12 and 13 and all the others students are not allowed to go in here. The classes I have are: chemistry, English literature, and maths (yes maths with an “s”). My chemistry class is really exciting because we actually get to do practical experiments like everyday.  I have not gone to my English class yet because I just changed into it yesterday, and it is a year 13 class so I don’t know anyone that will be in it. And my maths class is very, well, it’s still just boring ol’ math. Although, my math teacher is really great and reminds me of a French Morgan Freeman. The other great thing about my school is that we have free periods which means I do not have a class and I can actually leave for that period. With my free periods I have walked around the town and I have been discovering a lot of interesting places. Such as the wonderful cathedral thatLichfieldis known for.

This is the Cathedral. I am standing very far back and I was still unable to get the whole building in the picture.

 This cathedral is so amazing. I really cannot even begin to describe how pretty it is!

 The town is the perfect resemblance of an old English town. There are cobblestone streets and old little homes that have now become little shops. There is a lot of sweet shops and one sweet shop that seems like it would be in Harry Potter. I have not been able to take a picture of it yet but I soon will. There are also a lot of coffee shops and I would like to try to go to all of them and try new teas.

A small road in the town

Another church in the middle of town seen from the Johnson Museum

Today I had a free period before me and the other exchange student, Jean, who is from Australia, went to the Samuel Johnson Museum. He was the person who wrote the first dictionary. It was basically his house that is in the middle of the town and you can walk through all of the rooms and learn a little about his life in each one. It was a four story house and was very creaky and very English. In one of the rooms you were able to try writing with a quill, and I really cannot understand how the people that wrote with those things could even write legibly. In one of the other rooms we were able to dress up in old English clothing and sadly my camera died. Oh well at least we now have an excuse to go back!

In the old days this little square was where the witchs would be burned. Although, today this is where the local market can be found on tuesdays and fridays

Yes, in our spare time, instead of going to sweet shops or doing mischievous things, we like to go to museums and learn about the man that wrote the dictionary. I most defiantly enjoyed myself though.

Oh, and last weekend was my host sister and host moms birthday and my host sister and I both made cupcakes! And we decorated them and decided we probably should not attempt to open up our own cake shop.

Well, that is all for me tonight. I am going to put on my pajamas (or jimjams as they are referred to here) and go make some tea. Tomorrow I have a triple maths class :( Oh well at least it is Friday. I do not have any plans for the weekend, but I hear there is a castle in Tamworth that is less than a 10 minute train ride from here, so I might go there. Or I might just hang out here and walk around town a little. Whatever I do I know I will have fun, because I am in England!