Happy Tuesday!

 As I sit here with my heater on, three layers of clothes, my mittens, and my super snazzy monkey slippers, I think to myself that I will probably never get use to how col dEngland can be!

It gets cold where I am from, and it sometimes even snows! But cold in England is like a whole other story. 

 Now on to the post

This Saturday I went to Bath with my study abroad program, and it was so much fun!

I woke up in the wee hours of the morning well before the sun was to rise, how early was this? Why it was only 5: 30 a.m! I got dressed, put on my mittens, and my earmuffs, and then I was on my way! But I was masterminded by the front door and had to put my little adventure on hold. Once I was able to figure out how to unlock the door, I was on my way! I had to walk to the train station which was only about a ten minute walk from my house. Well, if you know me at all you would know that I am very and I mean VERY bad at judging time. I am almost never late, but instead, I usually get to places too early.

 I got to the train station about twenty minutes early, purchased my ticket, and stood in the desolate train station until my train arrived. I took a train from my town into Birmingham and got a connecting train from there to Wolverhampton. I must say I was very proud of myself for actually being able to do all of this myself. The train system in England is not very hard at all, but I still feel very proud of my accomplishment of not getting on the wrong train. In wolverhampton I was to get on a bus with fellow exchange students and we would all go to Bathtogether.

 At first I was a little nervous while I was waiting with the other exchange students for our bus because I knew absolutely no one! But I quickly started talking to a Marina who is from Italy and Josef who is from Austria. Both have been here since September so they were able to help me learn a bit more about the British people and their culture. We sat together on the bus and I was told all of the wonderful American stereotypes. Yes, America we have a lot!

 After sitting on the bus for about two hours we got off and I almost instantly froze! We walked around the beautiful city of Bath for awhile.

 Then all of the new students were given a welcome orientation. After that all the kids were set free to roam around the town. My two new exchange friends and I were so hungry we instantly started looking for food. We started off wanting Indian, but we ended up eating at a nice little place off the beaten road. I had an old style sausage sandwich with onions (best food I have ever had!).

 When we were all stuffed, we being children in a country all by ourselves with no parents telling us what to do, went to a sweet shop!

I bought a Belgian chocolate fudge and four marshmallows on a stick that were smothered in chocolate and then covered with small white chocolate chips. Yum!


I thought it was the best fudge in the world, but then I realized that it was business based out of San Francisco boo! Oh well it was still fantastic!

Church outside of the Roman Baths


After walking around Bath for awhile we met back up with the group and finally were able to go into the Roman Baths!Marinawas not as into the whole thing as I was because she claims that Italy has better Roman buildings ha! I personally loved it and I took many pictures for all of you, behold!


After my friends got in their laughs and stereotyping me for being the “tourist American that thinks anything is a work of art”, we walked around and looked at the artifacts and wandered around the gift shop for a while.

 It was all over too soon, and we were all on our way back to the bus. The ride back to Wolverhampton did not seem nearly as long. I said my goodbyes at the train station. On my train to BirminghamI talked with two other exchange students, one from Thailand and another from Scandinavia. When I got to BirminghamI had to wait about twenty minutes for my train, so I decided to put my wallet full of change to good use and I bought a steaming hot cup of mint hot chocolate!

my buddy and I on the train

 When I got back to my house I could not feel half of my face and I was too tired to even care so I was off to bed and I did not wake up until about noon on Sunday.

My trip to Bath was amazing, I was so happy to be able to meet people from all over the world. I was also very happy to see that no matter what part of the world we come from we all can still laugh with each other.