This will be my first blog post of my adventures in England! I finally was able to figure out how to connect to my internet at my new home, and that is why I have had a bit delay in posting.

*sorry about the long post!

Now let’s jump back to last Monday when my great adventures began!

 Monday:  I woke up early in the morning because I could not sleep, because of the excitement that today was the day I was going to England !! I tried to pass the time by doing various things and texting my sister because I would not be able to for a very long time. My cousin Rebecca took me to the mall to buy a pair of shoes that I would be able to wear to school and I had my last American meal at Wahoo’s. At about 3:30 p.m Rebecca drove me to the LAX airport, where I was to catch a plane at 6:45 p.m to the London, Heathrow airport. Before getting to the airport I was starting to get a bit nervous (or in other words second guessing my choice to go). Then once I got through security I started to calm down a bit. Rebecca was able to go through security with me so she stayed until I boarded the plane which was very helpful. When I exchanged my American money to British pounds I think that was when I finally accepted that this was really happening.

I began to call my parents and my sister to say my final goodbyes. Surprisingly I was able to keep it together and not start crying when I said my goodbyes, which was very great because I did not want to start my journey a complete mess.

At 6:20 I said goodbye to Rebecca at the gate and boarded my plane, which I was to be on for the next 10 hours. But I did not really mind, becauseeee, I was going to be in first class!

What can I say about first class….well its amazing, and has inspired me to get a great job when I grow up so I can become very rich like the other people that were there. Before taking off I went on a wild texting rampage and texted almost everyone that was on my phone.

After about 20 minutes we began our journey to England. Shortly before turning around we flew over the ocean and I was able to see the coast line. The moon was full and was reflecting off of the ocean that I would not be seeing for another five months, the view was so amazing!

Los Angeles at night

The whole time this was happening I had the biggest smile on my face, and people probably thought I was crazy, but at the moment I really did not care. While on the plane I wrote in my journal so I would never forget the once in a life time experience.

I watched a few movies on my trip including the last Harry Potter, which helped me get in the mood for England. For an appetizer I had fancy cheeses and warm bread! I passed on the salmon and for dinner I had Chooza Tikka Masala (it sounds confusing but it tasted fantastic!). For dessert I had vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce.

Taken from my journal:

Its 9:54 p.m and I am flying over Winnipeg, Canada. I am sitting in my bed/chair and watching Harry Potter and I can not sleep! Only 3,735 miles until I am in London!”

“It is now 1:07 a.m and I am flying by Godthab, Greenland. Out my window it is very cloudy and the view of the stars up here is wonderful! Only 3 hours and 24 minutes until I land in London.”

Above the clouds!


Landing in the Heathrow airport

 Tuesday:  Once I landed in the airport I went through immigration which was a tad bit scary and I did not have to wait in the line thanks to my first class pass (which I did not forget about Jim!).  I walked outside only to find that my phone did not work. But Hugh, a family friend, was able to easily find me. He picked me up and we drove through beautiful little towns. We stopped for a coffee and he bought me very fluffy earmuffs (which I am so happy I have!). When we got to his girlfriends flat (apartment) in Wallingford, the jet lag got the better of me and I quickly feel asleep for a few hours. For dinner we had fajitas and we looked into the town I would be staying in.

 Wednesday: I slept all the way through the night and woke up early and had a great breakfast of eggs on toast (the eggs taste great here!). I got a mobile (cell phone) and Hugh drove me to Oxford where I would catch a train into Birmingham where I was to be picked up by the program driver. Dragging my two huge and very heavy suitcases onto and off the train was a bit of a pain but thankfully many people came to my rescue to help me. I found my driver in Birmingham and he drove me to Lichfield to meet my host family. The family consists of a mom and her son who is 18 and her other son is staying here until he goes back to university next week. My home is very new and tiny but has three floors. My room is on the second floor.

My bed

I unpacked my bags and fell asleep for about an hour and woke up to have dinner. My host mom is a great cook (don’t worry mom she is not as great as you!) and she can make a great tea!

 Thursday:  I just relaxed and slept in until about 1:00 p.m and then my host family showed me the town a little and how to get to school. The town is very pretty and has an amazing church! in my next post I will go into more detail about it.

 Friday: I was supposed to go to school but I set my alarm for p.m instead of a.m. oh well! I just stayed at home and organized my room a little.

I am now settling into my new life for the next five months.  In some ways this will be the hardest thing I have experienced so far in my life. Although, it will also be the best experience I have had as well. There will be ups and downs but hopefully more ups than there will be downs. This will not be easy, but when it comes May and this experience is over, I will not regret one moment of it!

 That is all for today! Tomorrow I will have another post regarding my trip to Bath! And about my first day of school.

 Good bye for now!