If you’re out of the loop I should probably tell you that I have not left for my trip to England yet. Yes, I know, I was SUPPOSED to be there Saturday but some things happened and well, I am leaving tomorrow night. Finally! The road getting here has not been easy but it finally happened and I could not be happier.

Now onto the post:

Packing. Unpacking. What should I take? What should I leave? Do I really need this? Can I live without it? These are just a few questions I keep asking myself while packing for my trip to England. After  jumping and sitting on top of it I was able to get the suitcase closed and I am done and ready top go!…oh how I wish that was true. I may be done packing but I still have my goodbyes to family, and now I just have to mentally prepare myself to leave. Let me just tell anyone that may come across my blog and may be interested in studying abroad: it is almost impossible to prepare to leave a life where everything is normal and just kind of hop into a world where everything is so unfamiliar.   This may not be true for everyone but for me it is very tricky. Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled to be able to do this! And one of the ideas of doing this is to go into a society where life is nothing like what you are used to, it’s just to actually get ready for it is very hard.

What am I feeling at this moment? Well, I am very thrilled, excited, nervous, and even in disbelief that tomorrow night I am getting on a plane and soon I will be in England and have to completely submerge myself in a new culture, and this will also be my first time ever leaving the United States! And with all of these emotions I will be lucky if I even get to sleep tonight!

with my extra time in America have been doing many American things. Like eating over sized cheeseburgers and hanging out by Venice beach. I was also able to spend time with a few of my cousins.

Now I must say goodbye to gigantic mansions and big backyards, goodbye massively over sized cars, and wide open freeways that are jammed with too many cars. Goodbye friends and family, and a normal predictable life. You will all be missed.

Next time I post it should be from England!

Have a great week!