Oh what a weekend! I finally got back home from spending the weekend in Fresno with my family and I just have to say that this was the best weekend I have had in a very long time aside from flying in the glider plane. I will not be forgetting this weekend for a very long time.

I think to really understand it all I must go back to last Thursday.

Thursday: I took a bus/train to Fresno where my dad picked me up. I was up until about midnight making Katie monkey munch for our trip the next day. Blah!

Friday: Katie called me at about 5:30 a.m telling me to get my but out of bed. She picked me up and we were on our way to San Francisco by 6:00 a.m! I was forced, and I literally mean forced, to stay up the entire trip! We stopped once and Katie got some coffee (when Katie drinks coffee she is like the Tasmanian devil on speed, ok it’s not that bad, its worse!) and because it was a long boring trip we took some pictures!

Gangsta Katie!

After another hour of driving we got to San Francisco! Well, almost, we missed our exit and ended up on a bridge that I think was called the bay bridge.

And what we thought would be a quick turn around once we were over the bridge ended up taking us a whole hour just to get back to San Francisco, all thanks to our wonderful GPS! Katie got a tad upset because she thought our car was going to fall apart from driving it so much, in the end I ended up singing the song don’t worry be happy and it didn’t take long until we were laughing again. At least we got to see this really cool bridge!

Somehow our GPS took us all the way around San Francisco and then finally we can back to the exit we were supposed to get off the first time before our detour. This time Katie was able to get off the freeway and we ended up in the center of San Francisco. By this time we were so fed up with being in the car we parked in the first parking structure we saw, this was on Market St.let me just say I think San Francisco is just amazing and it is exactly the type of city that Katie and I both love! So we could easily say we were in heaven.

Were we wanted to end up was at pier 39 so we started to walk in the general direction of where we thought it was. At first it was great because we got to walk through china town and saw a bunch of older men playing some form of checkers on a napkin (not really sure what it was) we also walked through what greatly resembled what Italy would look like.

My favorite part was a really awesome book store that we walked past, we sadly did not go in because we wanted to get to the pier but now I really wished we did! It was a book store that I probably could have sat in for hours. We also saw a fiat in the Italy section and the interior was made from wood!

Segway Tours!Row Houses

After walking a few more blocks we turned a corner and to our great surprise we saw pier 39! At this point I was too happy to realize how in pain my feet were; I would soon figure this out.

The first thing that we did when we got to the pier was get some clam chowder.

While we were enjoying our delicious meal the pesky pigeons felt a little left out and ever so slowly were trying to get our food when we weren’t paying any attention. I didn’t really enjoy that part. Once we were finished, we walked around the pier and checked out some of the gift shops.

Although I had my thoughts set on one thing, the place I wanted to go to was only what every child’s dream is, yes you guessed right, the Ghirardelli Chocolate store! This truly is the best place on earth!

Then because Katie and I both felt like we were going to pass out from the lack of sugar we caved and bought a caramel apple. We walked around a bit more and at about five o’clock we decided we should get back to the car before dark. At this time my feet were punishing me for deciding to walk in sandals all through San Francisco (in my defense I walked in the same pair of sandals for two days straight through Disneyland with no problem!) I asked Katie if we could just take a trolley back up to the car but she said no. (She can be a bit stubborn sometimes) she was afraid that we would get on the wrong trolley and we would get lost. Then after about ten minutes of trying to figure out where the heck the trolley made its stops Katie caved in and said we could go on it. Yeah! It was rush hour so the trolley was packed full of people and our trolley conductor guy was not very nice, Ha!

Squishy Squishy!

I am very glad we took the trolley because we were able to see Occupy San Francisco! It was crazy! There were hundreds of cops standing around and hundreds more of protestors with signs and even Nesquik was getting in on the action and was handing out bottles of chocolate milk!

This was not the major part of the protestIt really was amazing

We finally got back to our car and we started our journeying home. But what journey is ever simple? Of course we started driving in the heart of San Francisco at rush hour. It was bumper to bumper traffic and we had no idea where we were going.

So many cars!

This is where I would like to congratulate Katie for the best driving I have seen in a long time! She was a ninja driver! It was oddly similar to the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. We went up hills that seemed to go straight up into the sky. Trolleys were passing by us and we had no idea where we should be on the road. We went down one way streets and passed by a few cross dressers.

We finally found our way to the golden gate bridge all in one piece!  And Katie took some beautiful pictures.

San Francisco from the other side

Golden Gate Bridge!

After that we headed home and our journey came to end. thank you katie for going on this adventure with me :) I love you! and our next adventure will be to washington (we may want a better car though)

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. I was Justin Bieber (I will blog about that tomorrow)

Also NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow! If you don’t know what that is you should really look it up. But it’s pretty much a goal to write a story that has 50,000 words in one month! I already have an idea for my story and I will keep you updated on how it is going!

And because I was so bored today because my school was broken I made Katie and I into ponies!

katie as a pony (she is wearing glasses because she was the brains of the operation and she also has a cape because she was super driver!)

Me as a Pony

Me as a pony