As it is Halloween I felt I should enlighten you with a great way to make roasted pumpkin seeds without having to take the hours to dry them. Carving the pumpkin is so much fun, but who are we kidding the best part of this whole holiday is 1) the free candy and 2) the delicious roasted pumpkin seeds.

I wait all year to have pumpkin seeds and I would be darned if I must wait hours to actually roast them. It really is torture. Thanks to my dear sister though, she let me in on a secret baking process so that you can take your freshly scooped pumpkin seeds and voila make them into delicious roasted seeds in no time! this way you can carve freakishly scary faces onto your pumpkins and at the same time you may devour the delicious pumpkin seeds. There truly is no better way to get into the holiday then to do this.

 First things first you must get a pumpkin, the bigger the better!

 2) Deseed the pumpkin and separate the pumpkin seeds from the slimy pumpkin brains.

 3) place the pumpkin seeds in a pot and fill it up with a lot of water so that the pumpkin seeds can float freely through the water like so:


 4) Then add some salt to the water, or a lot (I used a lot!)

 5) boil the seeds for about 10 minutes

6) While the seeds are boiling preheat the oven to 400 degrees

7) take a cookie sheet and grease it up with either butter, vegetable oil, or any form of oil you prefer (I used vegetable oil) this is mostly just so that the pumpkin seeds do not stick to the pan.

8) Once the seeds are done boiling evenly spread them out on the oiled cookie sheet so that the seeds are not that clumped together, like so:


 9) Then, you guessed it! Add more salt! You can use a little bit of salt, or a lot (yes, I used a lot!)

You could also experiment with other various flavors such as lemon, or maybe some herbs, yum yum yum!

 10) Then finally you can stick them in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes. Keep a close eye on them because they tend to cook pretty quickly. Except in my case where I accidentally turned off the oven, oops!

 11) last but not least, eat the Pumpkin Seeds!

 Happy Halloween!