For my birthday my aunt gave me two balloons,

When they were thriving with new life!

…45 days later and my balloons are still alive! Yes they are blessed balloons, the envy of all other balloons, balloons on drugs…call it what you want but I have super balloons! All other balloons I have ever had had only lasted about 2 weeks. In balloon years 45 days is like 90 years for a person. Amazed yet? Although sadly everything one day must die and it seems that time is coming for my balloons. They are still afloat but by the hour my balloons are quickly finding their way to the ground.

I’m guessing they will live until Saturday


On Sunday I went to Disneyland (big surprise right?) but before that on Saturday I went to my Aunt Jan’s house so that she could drive me to Disneyland early Sunday morning. I got to my Aunts house at about 10 p.m. and when I got there I almost died. Why did I also meet the same fate as my dear balloons you may ask? Well, it just so happens that Rick, my Aunts husband, had rented a Fiat. A Fiat is just my favorite car as of about 4 months ago. Because my Aunt is so awesome she let me drive it! Around Venice! Yes it was very terrifying and completely amazing.


It’s so cute!

 Then the next day I went to Disneyland. It was not a great day, here is just a few things that happened: I stubbed my toe, the stand that sells pickles was out! (Yeah I know I can’t believe it either!) And there were no fireworks. Oh well, at least the longest line I had to stand in was only 45 minutes.

 Two more days until Katie and I go to San Francisco and the Jelly Belly Factory on our road trip adventure!  

It’s almost Halloween do you know what you will be? I don’t!

This is why the Fiat is amazing! two cars take up one parking space!