Baby showers, Disneyland, Mt SAC, and Disneyland again, oh my! All I can say about this is that I have had a very hectic week and it does not seem to be getting any better.

Let me first start with talking about the Baby shower I went to for my Cousin Sara’s new baby Anna. The last Baby shower  I went to was for Sara’s first baby Basil and that was about eight years ago. The baby shower was great and the best part for me was the amazing dessert made by Sweet Party Stix it was dessert heaven! As a present my cousins Allie, Rebecca, and I sewed baby blankets. I don’t have any pictures but they were really cute and very simple to make. Now baby Anna will never go cold!

Last Sunday I went to Disneyland with three of Sarah’s four kids and my Aunt Jan.

Juliana, Simeon, Basil, and I at Disneyland


 I love Disneyland at this time because it is all decorated for Halloween, well actually I like Disneyland all the time but it’s especially likable right now.  My favorite ride at Disneyland right now is the Nightmare before Christmas which is also decorated for Halloween.

Soooooo Scaryyy!

These kids are by far my favorite group of people to go to Disneyland with. There is never a dull moment with three high energized children that seem to be distracted by every little thing that happens around them. it is also impossible to think about how tired you are when you have to be so alert making sure that one kid doesn’t run off or in some cases lick the poles while in line.

This is only the beginning of my crazy week…dun dun dunnnnn.

Happy Sunday just think only five more days until Friday!

*Update: here are a few pictures of the delicious dessert table. (I wish I could take these great of pictures, but sadly, I can not. Credit for this goes to David Levin.)

Warning! What you are about to see may make you very hungry!


Great now I am hungry!