Adults baffle me sometimes, and if you are also a teenager I am sure you would agree with me a thousand and one percent. Adults look at teenagers as though they are nothing, useless, and all we do is sit in a corner doing drugs and making out with each other (yes I am aware that some people do this) and I am sorry to say this is bad stereotyping adults!

If I am not mistaken adults were once kids themselves.

We judge others because we are insecure about ourselves and we do what our peers do so that leads into a downward spiral of chaos!

Ok sorry back to the point of this story. The reason why I was thinking about this is because I recently decided I wanted to be more aware of what is happening in the world so I started to watch the news. I can just say I am happy with not knowing what’s going on in our world with what I had to watch. I say this because one news channel I was watching was ranting about how horrible kids are these days. It made me sick to just watch adults, which most likely had kids of their own, being so mean about teenagers.

Adults, we are not ALL bad people. In fact a majority of us are probably smarter than the adults these days. I mean just look at where adults have done to this world, I think its time to give kids a chance.

And that is why adults need to go on a time out so they can think about what they have done and they can not come out until they are ready to apologize.

 Ok, now that I got that over with here is an update about the most dreaded vegetable that is known to man….

Brussel sprouts!

(Feel free to cry now)

This is actually a great point to the subject before when I said a majority of kids are smarter than some adults. This is because kids have common sense to hate this dreadful food while adults eat it like Halloween candy. Blah!

Well at least someone in the house liked the Brussel sprouts…


 And here is me eating the Brussel sprouts.

If you plug your nose and don’t let it touch your tongue it’s not as bad.

 Let’s just say I will never give into liking Brussel sprouts. (Sorry Mom)

 P.S. This does not apply to all adults, just like how all the teenagers are not the same I know that all adults are not the same either.