Once again I took a career evaluation and this time it was through my school so it should be pretty legit. At least I thought it would be. After filling in all the information, truthfully, I got my results. And my results, drum roll please….a social worker, a clergy, fitness instructor, and a loan counselor. Ummm does this seem strange to anyone else? Look you can even see on the picture that I’m not making this up!  A clergy? And a fitness instructor? I can be the holy fitness nun! And I got these results by saying I would like to learn more languages and travel. I think something is wrong with this aptitude test. Or maybe it is just telling me my destiny and I can’t handle the truth. (I hope that is not true)



Ok because  I do not want to believe this, I took the test again and this time I got…

So I guess this makes it official even with completely different answers I’m destined to be a clergy. And a clergy gets paid 20 dollars an hour! Yeah! Then with the side business of being a fitness instructor I defiantly have a good future! Now I must get back to school so that I will be able to go to college to get my career going!