I apologize for the lack of posting for this week; I know I fail as a blogger. Although I hope to redeem myself soon because in this coming week and the next week I should be doing some exciting things, but I can not say what it is because that gets to be a surprise!

 So this post will be just a quick checking in to make sure I don’t lose the people who actually look at my blog, I have had 230 views on my blog so far! Yeah! Yes, that is not a lot for most bloggers out there, but it is more than I had two months ago which was only five page views…five!..How sad my life was.

 Now for the important part of my blog post.

 Last night I had a dream, and in this dream I had to listen to a person complain, and what was this person complaining about?  Well, he was complaining about how annoying complainers are. So when I woke up I started to think about how annoying people are that complain about complainers. I am sure that there is a word for what these people are, but for now I will just call them stupid. Thankfully, I have not come across a person like this in a long time, and I must admit I been that person at some point in time….but the biggest point to this is just to show how stupid and clueless some people are. Sometime when we are living we get so caught up in life we don’t realize what we are doing. Then you get complainers that complain about the complainers then that leads to war and that leads to the end of the world! So please follow these two simple rules

1) Don’t complain

2) Don’t complain about the complainer (although if everyone does not complain then we don’t have to worry about this one.)

 Now here is a lovely picture of the worst thing on earth!

(And yes it is completely ok to complain about this, there is ALWAYS an exception to every rule.)  

Its Brussel sprouts! And the lovely dinosaurs that have to deal with our shenanigans


I have one thing to say about this awful food: Ewwwww!

 Have a great week, and I hope YOU don’t have to go through the terror of eating Brussel sprouts!