On Sunday I went with my aunt and cousin to the Los Angeles county fair. It was hot, and crowded, and a lot of fun! They had a huge cattle exhibit and I learned that goats are really weird animal’s, example below:

That people, is called goat bullying!

Many of the goats were doing this and I could not stop laughing every time I saw them.

At the fair I also went to an old school-house. of course there was a dunce hat in the corner, and it was too hard to resist


this is why I am home schooled


I also received some really weird looks from the other people in the room.

 It seems as though all the exciting things that have been happening lately have quickly come to a fast stop. So the best thing to do with nothing is to make something. People say that bored people are boring people so I will not be bored. And the best thing to help make yourself not bored is to….build a fort from sheets…or make an attempt at building one as I did. I was never a great fort builder when I was little, I always watched my sister build it then once she was done I played in it, or destroyed it, they are both the same. So without further ado here is my award-winning, fantastically built fort!

please hold your applause

 And it looked that way for about two minutes then crawled in and it collapsed

Time of creation -4: 23 p.m, time of death- 4: 25 p.m

After that I gave up and wasted twenty minutes watching videos on YouTube about twelve-year-old kids that made two-story forts.

Then just for the heck of it here is an amazing picture (and I am not being sarcastic in any way)


it's funny and cute!

Happy Monday! Hope you survive the week!