Sipping my tea and having the fresh smell of crisp autumn rain outside, is just a perfect time to write a blog post. Fall is here and that means my happiness level is rising rapidly. As many people are soaking up the last bit of warm summer sun, I have been sitting in my room drinking hot tea and bundled up in warm winter clothes because, I simply can not wait for the cold weather to begin! Oh wait… Just kidding! I now live in Southern California and that means sun, sun, sun, and sun with maybe one cloud. If you listen carefully you may be able to hear my sobbing as my happiness level takes a nose dive straight towards insane depression.

Although, the weather has surprised me and may have possibly saved me from wanting to crawl into a dark hole for this winter to escape the dreadful sun, as I was in my room reading a book, it started to rain. I was giddy with so much excitement, I instantly ran outside and enjoyed the blissful rain that lasted for about five minutes, and Rebecca was able to get some pretty pictures out of it.

Sunset clouds!

 But this post is not about my bi-polar issues with the weather. It is about me being an official driver. (As long as I am with an adult) learning how to drive is one thing, learning how to drive in L.A is a completely different story. People are so pushy, and they all decide that they will speed, and run every stop sign they will ever come to see. But I will not participate in their little game of shenanigans and instead I will be a law abiding citizen that will drive like a grandma and have people honk at me all the time. Sounds like fun!

Don’t worry I am at a stop sign!

 Yesterday for my second time driving I drove around our neighborhood, and it just so happens that the local high school cross-country team was running on the street. As I am being a nice little driver concentrating on the road and the wacky drivers everywhere, here comes about 15 shirtless boys running down the street. I’m a teenager, I’m sorry I just could not, not notice them! And it also does not help that Rebecca is in the passenger seat yelling at me not to look at them, which ended with me driving 5 mph down the street and having tears running down my face from laughing so hard.

Just after the boys ran past :(

 Then Rebecca had a terrific idea that I should learn how to park. I am a good driver, but my skill at parking is zero. After three times of trying to park I finally got it (kind of)  

1 hour of driving down and only 49 more hours to go!

Have a great day!