I. Can. Not. Concentrate! I am trying to study for my AP Psychology test and after running up and down the stairs 8 times, randomly dancing in my room for 10 minuteI could do in a three minute span, and I also washed the dishes, went for a run, chatted up Katie on Skype, and now I have learned two things: 1) I am a GREAT procrastinator and 2) I will never actually accomplish my studying and instead I should just post something on my blog. (A wise decision I thought)

On Sunday I was in my room working on school work like a good little home school child that has no friends. Then Rebecca walks in, and I mostly forgot the conversation because in my mind I was acting like a 12 year old that just met Justin Bieber!

What was I so excited about you may ask, well I was just about to do the coolest thing that I have ever done in my life. That thing would be going in a glider plane. A glider plane is pretty much just a plane without a motor. Awesome, right? So we hopped in the car and drove out to the middle of nowhere. The whole way there I was so excited I could barely even think about how terrifying this actually may be. I still was not scared until I was strapped into the plane and the pilot started asking me if I ever felt sick on roller coasters, I don’t get sick on roller coasters, but then I started thinking about how scary roller coasters are and if this was going to be like a roller coaster then I’m pretty much already dead.

Buckle up for safety kids!


I’m not exactly sure what Jim is telling me but it seems a little intense. Maybe something about if we come plummeting to earth we will probably die (I’m just kidding! We would probably only have serious life threatening injuries)

Then before I could second guess what I was about to do, we were off. Because the plane does not have a motor we were towed by a little plane then once we got enough lift we were released and were able to glide.

In the glider plane



When we were flying it was so amazing I had never felt anything like it. In no way could this be compared to roller coaster because it was 1 million times better. We even got to fly with two hawks! We were like an oversized bird.


Then way to soon we had to land because the wind started to die down and we could not find anymore lifts.

Now learning how to drive does not seem anywhere as cool as this.

 Thank you Rebecca, Jim, and Brian for the most amazing and awesome adventure!