Last Friday I was able to get out of the house. This is an unusual occurrence for a home school kid like myself, I’m usually locked away in my room and studying allllll the time! (Ok it’s not that bad, I at least have a window I can look out and see what the real world looks like) for this wonderful field trip I got to go with my cousin Rebecca to her office in L.A. to get to her work we were able to take a train, and then a subway. It was very exciting and it was a plus because we didn’t get mugged OR jumped!

Waiting for the train

Rebecca: "would you be embarrassed if I took a picture of you?", Me: "Yes", Rebecca: "okay", Then she proceeds to take a picture anyway


Then we got to her office (with all of our valuables) and I just did my school work, researched about the giant satellite that was crashing to earth (if you don’t know about this then you may have lived under a rock, or your also a fellow home school child) I laughed a lot which is no surprise, and mostly distracted Rebecca from getting any work done which I do a lot  (I often never have contact with other people so when there is a person I can talk to I will talk to them!….I would do really well if I was the only person on earth.)

Over all I had very delightful, non mugging field trip :)