I am on blogging overload! So much has happened these past few days and I keep delaying my blog posts, but now I am putting my procrastination to the side and I will finally post! So I hope that this week I may fascinate you with the lovely and interesting life I have been having. This post will be dedicated to my chemistry experiment that made me laugh more then actually accomplishing the assignment I was meant to be doing.

Chemistry Experiment!

If you have read my blog before you will know that I am home schooled, and if you have not, well you do now. for my experiment I was able to put dry ingredients with liquid ingredients and then I had to see what happens, how awesome and such a fun thing to do with two hours of my life! As I’m setting up my experiment one of the steps was to crush a piece of chalk with a mortar and pestle. 1) I hate chalk 2) I hate mortar and pestles 3) I hate crushing chalk with a mortar and pestle. So this experiment did not start out ok. The chalk I had was like a jumbo size and I needed a little piece of it for my experiment so I went outside and chucked it on the ground well this chalk was not any ordinary chalk it was an indestructible piece of chalk, and I ended up having to chase the chalk around the driveway until it broke apart. If I was 5, I would be the coolest kid because I had super chalk!


I am practically dying from having to crush this chalk (I don’t like the sound)

Then after about five minutes of wasteful time and practically dying from crushing the chalk using the mortar and pestle, Rebecca had a wonderful idea to use a hammer. (this is where my laughing began)

Rebecca crushing the chalk



Then came the experiment of mixing the ingredients which was pretty boring and I will not put you through that horror of having to read about it.


I am very terrified of the citric acid


Thanks to my chemistry class I have learned one veryimportant thing:

When a child would like to use chalk they must wear protective gloves and protective safety goggles because that stuck if just plain dangerous.

This some dangerous stuff people!

have a great day!