Once upon a time, there was a girl that had a dream of going to the magical country of England. She told all her friends of her amazing plan because she felt there was no flaw. Then one day her dreams were crushed and all that she had been wishing for was destroyed! She was so sad that she could not dream of facing any shameful eyes of her disappointed peers, so she crawled in a whole and the last anyone ever heard from her she was an anti-social home school child!

That is the story of my life (more or less of it is true…I will let you decide what parts are actually the truth) when I was younger I always wanted to be home schooled. I remember when I would be sick or I got checked out of school early and I was with my mom, I would all ways  imagine that I was home schooled and I was going on a field trip with my mom.  This sounded splendid when I was younger, although now that I am actually home schooled…I WANT TO GO BACK!

Okay, so far I have made this home school thing sound quit horrible (it’s bad!) there are a few (and I mean few) good things about this.

  1. I can get a job, and hopefully earn money to go toEngland
  2. I can be in my PJ’S until noon
  3. I can be an anti-social loser that talks to myself all the time (pssh I don’t do that!…)
  4. I can go to really cool places during the day. Such as this really cool book store that probably had every single book imaginable (mostly old books that your parents, parents would say they read as a child) now here are a few pictures from the wonderful land of books:

It never ends!

It’s organized chaos


If you’re wondering what happened to all the twilight books...I found them!

     5.  And once I get my Pottermore (if you don’t know what this is then you should find a hole to crawl in also) e-mail I can play it allllll day long (after I’m done with school, don’t worry adults I’m still responsible)

 Look the five reasons to love home school, every kid should do this now!

P.S Home School is not that bad, really it’s actually quit interesting, although it’s so fun to make fun of that I can not resist :)