Bonjour world!
          Or more appropriately the 4 or 5 people that actually read my blog! I am writing this, as the title says, for my dear ol sister…. Who I may add has requested for me to write more blog posts that I have no doubt been lacking at doing….and I do not have the excuse of saying I don’t have any time  because with my online school….well I have all the time in the world. Oh yes if you did not know I am doing online school….woot! go anti-social children! I actually enjoy it because I get to be a loser and sit in my pj’s until 12 and next week I hope to start applying for jobs.  I was working on my chemistry homework when Katie asked me to write more blog posts so I guess I could say my sister influences my ditching of “class”. At the moment I am sitting in Rebecca’s office wayyyyyy up in the sky of L.A. here is a picture for your enjoyment. And in ways of a picture here is a really cute guinea pig that I saw in PetSmart the other day…oh and a beautiful work of art that I saw in a store. 

Life is not so bad up here


cutest thing in the world!

it explains itself

 Look at that you come to my blog and you are influenced by amazing artwork, adorable pigs, and a picture of L.A (I’m not sure what category this could go in, would it be beautiful, awesome, or crazy?) ok well I should get back to my “school” I hear by promise to have more posts, and here is proof if I don’t. 
P.S Sorry for the wonky picture alignment I’m still learning how to work this