Well if anyone reads this blog then you will be the first to know that I have been denied a place in the fall semester inEngland:( well I have kind of been expecting this. There was a major lack of communication on the programs end for not telling me when things were supposed to be turned in because of this they did not have enough time to find me a family. Bad news aside they have been guaranteed a spot in the spring starting in January of 2012 woot! This as many adults have told me will give me more time to raise money which I greatly lack in at the moment :) I was upset for about a total of 5 minutes and got over it. This just means my family is stuck with me for another 5 months…sorry…well life’s full of disappointments there is a saying about building a river and getting over it….or it may have something to do with a bridge….well I just have to get over it some way or the other.
P.S I have been making bows and earrings and hope to put them on my blog and somehow get a paypal link on here to help make some more money there really cute and it would make me really happy that I would know that I don’t fail at everything I try to do! What’s better then a bow and happiness? Nothing!