Yes its true….I have left the family blog:(….I will still occasionally post on that blog, but I think its easier to have my blog that I can write my stories on because I’m going to…drum roll please….ENGLAND! I leave September 3, 2011(yes exactly a week from my birthday) and come back December 19, 2011. Today I’m sending in my deposit and I should know who my host family is and where I will be living in the next couple of weeks. I don’t think I have ever anticipated anything this much in my entire life. I’m not letting myself get to excited until I am actually on the plane going to England because anything can happen….I hope nothing bad…well I would love to write more but I just got on here because the procrastinator I am, I have to take a test for my online history class….and I really don’t want to…well toodaloo:)