For the past two hours I have been researching about careers that I would be interested in.  So far I have taken four different aptitude tests and have been told twice that I would be a good cat groomer….is that even a real job!?… Because I said I liked animals I evidently would be a terrific cat groomer. Then one time I was told I could be an athletic foot massager….That’s just disgusting! Well I guess that’s what I will get for free aptitude tests. In conclusion I have wasted two hours of my life to find out that I can get paid to groom peoples cats and massage athletes feet I could call my business CatFeet,  and when I get really popular I can make house calls. Yep my future sure seems bright. It also is very hard to look for jobs when I like everything and I see that every job is so interesting. I was thinking about marine biology or sociology but sociology does not seem that interesting because most jobs in that field just involve being a teacher and I refuse to do that! I do not want to groom that kitty!